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Graphics Engines:

Irrlicht: Our choice. Well-documented, easy to modify and extend. Has a few bugs, though.

Ogre3d: Very large and object-oriented. We found the structure restrictive. Requires Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Crystal Space:Very cross-platform. Doesn't come with built-in Visual Studio support.

Graphics Tools:

Maya: Produces object files readable by Irrlicht... if you're willing to buy the full version.

Q3Radiant: Map editor geared at Quake 3 maps. Interface leaves something to be desired.

Quake 3: The demo version is required to use Q3Radiant.

Q3Build: Compiles Quake 3 files into a .bsp format understandable to Irrlicht.

Pakscape: Convenient editor for compressed pk3 files that contain map elements.


Audiere: Sound engine that works well with Irrlicht.

Hawk Network Library: Eventually we'd like to build network support into the game.

CPSC 478: This game is brought to you by students in Professor Julie Dorsey's Computer Graphics course.

Northwest Kidney Centers: For her help and advice, we owe special thanks to Joyce Jackson, the CEO of the Seattle-area Northwest Kidney Centers facilities