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Original Features:

Matrix code stereograms with handicap mode, brightness smoothing, four glyph sizes, optional streaming, and brightness smoothing to emphasize stereogram effect

Startup menu with player model preview, construct selection, and options for fullscreen mode, fog, shadows, and additive blending

Special effects such as transparent bullet trails and a construct loading sequence

A variety of different construct inhabitants with custom path-finding AI

Three missions and two maps

Three weapon types

Location-based event triggers to progress the storyline

Physics model with object tracking, collision, damage, and special rules for bullet-time

Fixed bugs in open source graphics engine and notified owner

Over 30 new textures and model skins

... and much more! We think the game has great potential and we are planning many further improvements


Graphics engine: Irrlicht

Sound engine: Audiere

Music: Irrlicht Theme song

Sound effects: SE P800/P900 Collection

Additional textures: 3dcafe

Matrix glyphs: Blue Saucer software

Player models: Quake II, Polycount (Stecki, HitmanDaz)

More information is included in the game download.