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About Matrix Convolutions:

We are developing this project for the CPSC 478/578 Graphics course at Yale University, taught by Professor Julie Dorsey during the spring of 2004. Our purpose is not only to apply the techniques we have learned but also to make our own unique contribution to the state of the art in computer graphics.

Our game is based on the fictional world described in the 1999 popular film The Matrix. Players will fulfill both the roles of the guiding "operator" and the "operative" immersed in a virtual environment. This game includes puzzle-solving, evasion and strategy, in addition to fighting.

The Matrix Convolutions project is a work of fan fiction, and is not produced, endorsed, distributed, acknowledged, licensed, approved, supported, accepted, condoned, or acknowledged by the Wachowski Brothers and Warner Bros., to whom we nevertheless owe a great debt of gratitude for their creative influence. If you're looking for official sponsored games based on The Matrix, check out Enter the Matrix or The Matrix Online.

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